Our History

First Christian Church (FCC) is a non-denominational church that is part of a uniquely American religious movement.  Back in the early part of the 19th century, a group of Christ followers grew frustrated with much of the divisiveness they saw among Christians of their day.  As a result, they united together, hoping to bring reformation to their own churches.  Their creed (belief) was Christ, and they held dearly to no book of faith but the Bible.  They believed that if people returned to God through the Scriptures people would unite around Jesus Christ, and more people would come to know Him.

We hold that same conviction today.  We don’t espouse any denominational creed.  We don’t label ourselves as anything other than “Christian.”  We unite around the essentials of the Christian faith—those taught and lived through Jesus and the teaching of his apostles.  We don’t get hung up on non-essentials and we desire to express our faith through love.  

Originally formed in December 1912 in Capitol Heights, MD, FCC relocated in 1970 to Brock Hall, Upper Marlboro, MD.  The first worship service in the new building was on February 6, 1972.

Brock Hall is one of the oldest subdivisions in Upper Marlboro, Maryland in Prince George’s County.  Three hundred years ago, a Scottish tobacco plantation owner named Edward Brock owned six hundred plus acres that are now the subdivisions of Brock Hall, Collington, and Perrywood.  Brock was also one of the 850 slaveholders in the area – more slaves worked here than in any other county in the state. Ironically, this same land has the most affluent population of African Americans living in the U.S. today.

First Christian is a warm and friendly community of believers. We are striving to make our church a shining light of diversity and unity in the family of God.  We are here to offer the real hope of Jesus Christ to all those looking for peace, purpose, and community in the real world.


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